I began my career in marketing with the San Diego Symphony. I discovered I had an innate ability to identify a brand  message, play to its strengths and convey

that message with photographs and words.  I  went on to  become Director of Marketing for Harmon Nelson Design, Tyler Blik Design and  then Design Journey Industrial. 


 Photography is my first love. I've been shooting for 20 some years. I love the challenge of telling my client's stories visually with photographs.


As a freelance photographer some of my clients include, Sukha Wear Yoga Apparel, Border X Brewery, Double Happiness Jewelry, Daisy Mae PR, Naomi Nussbaum Design, Shea Properties, Chelsea Investment Corporation, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, City Arts San Diego,  Downtown

San Diego Partnership,  San Diego Chamber Orchestra, Tulsa Philharmonic.


Digital Media

Understanding how to integrate a brand message across the multitude of media disciplines is like telling your children to take their vitamins. Clients know it's needed but rarely embrace the process. I work to create systems that make using these tools

fluid and accessible.